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Siesta 100% Recycled Poly Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture

Green Outdoor Furniture

We are thrilled to offer the Siesta line of 100% Recycled Poly outdoor furniture.  This high-quality product is made entirely from recycled plastic lumber. And it is made is the USA.

fanback - berry red.jpgBefore Siesta Poly Outdoor Furniture, the great outdoors wasn’t so great on outdoor furniture…..metal rusted, wood splintered, paint chipped, webbing tore, and aluminum frames bent. There had to be a better, more durable and environmentally-friendly way.


Finally, there is. Our Siesta 100% poly recycled plastic furniture removes hundreds of thousands of petroleum-based HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic bottles from America’s waste stream. Not only is Siesta made of recycled products, it IS a recyclable product. This furniture is part of the environmental solution.

Manufactured in a Green Process
This furniture is made of plastic milk jugs and water bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Recycled plastic is safe and clean.

In a proprietary manufacturing process, the base plastic material is decontaminated to a high purity level, thus ensuring it is safe for use. The purified recycled plastic is formulated with ultra-violet (UV) stabilizers and color pigments, then processed and converted into sturdy poly lumber. The poly lumber is then made into the beautiful and solid furniture that creates a colorful, eco-friendly, maintenance-free outdoor setting.

Quality Construction
quality_mortise.jpgOnce you take a seat, you’ll instantly feel the comfort difference that quality materials and attention to detail make. Our Siesta furniture doesn’t just feel stronger and sturdier. It really is.

  • Durable, maintenance-free, eco-friendly poly lumber
  • Sturdy mortise and tenon construction
  • Long-life Sure-Lok® Joints
  • Color-matched stainless steel hardware
  • Guaranteed against twisting
  • Fade-resistant - specially-formulated Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers
  • Solid color pigments run through the product
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Rounded edges
  • Stands up to rain, wind and salt spray

Outdoor Furniture

Amazing Color Choices
This outstanding outdoor furniture is available in a full palette of 20 rich and vibrant colors.  This range of colors allows you to select those colors that match your personality and style.



Fanback Two-tone.jpgColors are consistent from season to season. You can feel safe adding to your collection year after year without the risk of changing dye lots and mismatched colors. You can also rely on the integrity of our colors, now and in the future.  Every piece of our 100% Recycled Poly Outdoor Furniture features UV fade resistant material, solid color throughout, and color-matched stainless steel hardware.
Quest two-tone Bench.jpg



Multi-Color Option for Custom Perfect Match
Click here to learn about the exciting Siesta multi-color mix & match option.

Care & Maintenance
There's not much to be said about the care and maintenance needed for Siesta furniture. That's because no maintenance is needed. Siesta is made from 100% recycled poly lumber which is durable and maintenance free. Even in harsh outdoor conditions, such as sea-side homes where our furniture is exposed to wind, salt and sand, Siesta needs little care and maintains its attractiveness. Many Siesta home owners leave their furniture outside year round. When necessary, Siesta cleans easily simply by wiping its surface. Disinfectant wipes or a soft bristle brush with a mild cleanser are ideal for this product.

  • No painting, staining or sealing is ever necessary
  • Resists mildew and mold
  • Won't stain
  • Color is solid throughout
  • Will not rot or fade
  • Stands up to rain, wind and salt spray

High pressure washers with no more than 1,500 psi can be used when necessary

Lifetime Warranty – a product you can count on
Every Siesta 100% Poly Outdoor Furniture piece carries a Lifetime Warranty against cracking, splintering, chipping, peeling, rotting, and pest infestation. It’s the perfect outdoor furniture, no matter where you use it!

Outdoor Furniture

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